Jairol "Jbizz" Bernabel - Teacher

  Hip Hop - All Ages, SDC Team


J.Bizz is an in-demand choreographer, dancer, and musical artist. J.Bizz can be seen performing across the country. J.Bizz has trained and performed in numerous forms of dance. He specializes in hip hop, jazz funk, and pop/locking. He was best known from the group "I.T.M", performing in professional venues, such as the Celtics, Blue Man Group & Stomp. His dance career has lead him along side various artists, including Britney Spears. J.Bizz choreography is well known, and national award winning. His choreography can be seen across the country, as he is known, as a high demand choreographer. His pieces range from emotional and impactful, to dynamic and bold. J.Bizz's greatly also prides himself on the accomplishments of his students. They can be seen performing on Broadway, and doing commercial/television work.